Services for the month

Services in February

Sunday 3rd.  11 am.    David Edwards, 


      “     10th      “         Wilf Tyler

      “     17th      “         Bible Society Course

      “     24th      “                      do.

The Bible Society’s Course

The Bible Society has produced a course consisting of  a series of talks and video presentations..

This course is unusual because instead of focussing on one particular book e.g Genesis, Isaiah or St. Matthew's Gospel, it’s intention is to show that although it’s 66 books were written individually at many times from 2000 BC to 60 AD it is a unity, each part contributing to the growing understanding of the  nature of God whom we worship today.

We intend to show the videos one by one, preceded by a short service, on the last the last Sunday of each month.

We usually follow every service with light refreshments and it is hoped that we might discuss the videos over a cuppa and a biscuit!


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