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We recently paid one of our rare visits to the cinema to see “Mary Poppins  returns”.  It tuned out to be the usual Disney mishmash of cartoon and live actors with an unlikely but entertaining plot.  Mary Poppins visits the grown up but financially threatened children of the first film and their children. The adult son and his kiddies had been bereaved and were naturally sad.  Mary Poppins comforted them with a song which assured them their mother was always with them in their memory and that they would find her in “the place where lost things go.”  It was very touching but I couldn’t help thinking about

The Christian’s hope for the future.

Jesus said “In my father’s house are many mansions......I go to prepare a place for you.....that where I am you may be also.” Not forgotten nor lost but home."

                                        Peter  Brewer

P.S. The  film had a happy, jolly ending

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