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My teenage years were spent in a Suffolk village .  My Mum was a devout  C of E Christian and of course I was brought up in that tradition.

 The village was blessed with two churches.  One the Parish church perched high on  a hill at one end and a Baptist Chapel about a mile away at the other end.  I, a choirboy at the  Parish Church regarded the Baptists with some suspicion.  What did they do?  When did they stand or sit?  They seemed to get excited every now and then and it was reported that they ‘got religion’ and dunked themselves in water.  Baptism they called it

Nothing would persuade me to enter that chapel. Afraid of making a fool of myself by my prejudice and ignorance!

Later, in the melting pot of  world war II, I came to see things differently (a long story) and afterwards was even trained as a Baptist Minister!! My life was changed.

What happens at Battlesbridge Free Church?  Are there any odd rituals or practices that would make you feel stupid if you came to one of the services?  Honestly we are just ordinary folk whom you meet from day to day, enjoying singing well-known hymns and praying together, and appreciating one another’s company. Not attached to any particular brand of Christianity.

You may feel the need for friendship, company or maybe some direction in life.  It is possible that, like me, you can find something that meets your need within the doors of our ’Chapel’.

Why not give it a try anyway? You can be sure of a warm  welcome.

                                                        Peter Brewer


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