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Have you ever wondered how the Christian faith became world wide?  After all it began in a remote middle-eastern city,  Jerusalem, and within 50 years there were Christians in Rome.


How can you account for that?  Jesus preached “Love your neighbour as yourself”.  It was a cruel world.  Jesus himself was crucified and his followers persecuted so that aspect of his teaching wasn’t making a lot of difference.


What did make a difference was the evidence that although he was put to death Jesus didn’t stay dead but came to life again, a well attested fact as St. Paul said, ‘After being in a grave for three days he was brought back to life again...... Peter saw him alive, and so did the other friends in that group.  On one occasion Jesus was seen by more than 500 of his followers at the same time.  Most of these are still alive to vouch for what I say.’ (1 Corinthians 15)  In this chapter Paul seeks to prove that because Jesus rose from death all his believers would too.


To a world living without hope this was good news and it spread like wildfire. Today this is still the central message of Christianity.


In April we celebrate Easter.  We remember that Jesus is alive and we have the promise of life after death.  What it will be like we can’t imagine, but it is ours to claim through Jesus Christ, our Saviour.  HALLELUIA !!           Peter  Brewer


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