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This year my wife and I spent a fortnight in Malta, flying from Southend Airport.  We had been dropped off at the car park and laden with our suitcases began to make our way to the airport entrance.  I was struggling with my ancient case with only two small wheels but was dimly aware of a tall man in a business suit and carrying a brief case passing on his way to the railway station.  I thought no more of it.  Then suddenly I became aware of the same man addressing me.  “Let me help you with that case. My train is not due for a few minutes.” Whereupon he took it and carried it the 100 yards or so to the airport entrance.  I was very touched and didn’t know what to say except “Thank you very much.  You are a Good Samaritan”  I was starting our holiday with a warm glow of gratitude  The inevitable stresses associated with catching a plane dropped away and gave us a great start to a lovely time.


That small act of kindness somehow put me in tune with the folk about me and instead of getting irritated by the routine of going through security; emptying my pockets, taking off my shoes, going through the screen and being searched because the metal parts of my braces made the sensor bleep and so on became something of a joke!


This feeling has lasted and I have become aware of the many courtesies, some of them quite small, that are offered day by day by folk around us.  It may be the effect of my having to use a walking stick that prompts some of them but for the most part people are kind.  The man who carried my case has no idea of what he really did for me.  God bless him!

                                                                  Peter Brewer


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