Battlesbridge Free Church
Affiliated to the Congregational Federation

From the Newsletter

It is perhaps the first time in all the 177 years since the church was founded that it has not been open on Sunday for Worship.  Generations of Battlesbridge families have gathered to sing and praise God and hear his word .  Also to enjoy the chance to get together socially and have a cuppa and a chat; to share joys and troubles.


Now Covid-19 has caused us to shut our doors.  But this does not mean that we have ceased to worship. Every Sunday we have been joining in a “virtual” service. Those of us who have any “online” access have been able to have an order of service to follow at home while those who don’t have a printed copy delivered to their home.  At 11am we in our separate homes but together in spirit join in worship. 

Our thanks go to those who have prepared the services and made it possible to worship at home. They are continuing to do so long as some of us feel that we must isolate ourselves a bit longer.


Of course it must follow some strict guidelines which our Church Secretary has outlined on another page.  We trust there will be room for you to join us!

On another note—I had my 99th. Birthday during lockdown and feel it is time I passed this newsletter to somebody younger.  So this will be my last.  It  has been a pleasure and I hope not many copies have gone straight to the bin!                    Peter Brewer


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