Your Inner Room


When Jesus said, “Enter into your inner room.” He must have meant an imaginative room.

‘There is a viewless, cloistered room,

As high as heaven, as fair as day,

Where, though my feet may join the throng,

My soul can enter in, and pray.

               One hearkening, even, cannot know

When I have crossed the threshold o’er;

But He alone, who hears my prayer,

Hath heard the shutting of the door.’


I don’t know who wrote those words but I suggest that since there is no limit to our imagination, we can all have an inner room. I have one; I could not live without it.

Rauschenbusch had one also. This is what he wrote:


In the castle of my soul there is a little postern gate

Where, when I enter, I am in the presence of God.

In a moment, in the turning of a thought, I am where God is.

When I meet God there, all life gains a new meaning,

Small things become great, and great things small.

My troubles seem but the pebbles of the road,

My joys seem like the everlasting hills,

All my fever is gone in the great peace of God,

And I pass through the door from Time into Eternity.


I hope you all find an inner room for yourselves where you encounter God.

There are times in life when an inner room is lifeline.

Every blessing, David

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