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The Harbour Club



The Harbour Club is a small day centre offering specialised activities and support for older adults living with dementia.  My name is Jane and I am on Occupational Therapist.  I set The Harbour Club up in 2011 following the death of my father who had Alzheimer’s disease.  It was whilst he was living with dementia that I became aware of a shortage of specialist services available to meet the needs of older adults living with dementia in the community.  The Harbour Club was set up in his memory.


Whilst at The Harbour Club members have the opportunity to make friends and participate in a variety of activities designed to stimulate their cognitive, physical and social skills.  While members are enjoying their day with us, their carers also benefit enabling them to enjoy some well-earned respite, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is in good hands in a safe caring environment.


Evidence suggests that cognitive stimulation can improve sense of well-being for individuals with dementia.  They may not able to remember what they have been doing, but the emotion experienced throughout the day will often be retained and impact on their function once they return home.  Individuals with dementia often experience isolation and boredom.  Attending The Harbour Club can reduce the risk of social isolation.  Living with dementia is about enjoying the here and now and maximising quality of life.


The Harbour Club is a social enterprise providing a service for a vulnerable sector of the local community.  It is a ’Not for profit’ organisation, that reinvest to support and develop the service provided.  It is open every Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 3.30pm, providing food and drink throughout the day.


The Harbour Club staff are supported by a small team of hardworking, dedicated volunteer helpers.  Volunteers bring a variety of life skills and interests to the club; their friendship and support is much appreciated.  The Harbour Club is always looking for volunteer helpers, if you have a few hours spare each week and would like to get involved and help, please get in touch. 

Jane Bussell BSc


T: 07788 619 452



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