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June this year includes Whitsunday. How we used to look forward to that!  A weekend holiday!  Now, with two Bank Holidays in May , Whitsun passes unnoticed.


Why Whitsun?  It was the Sunday when, in the past, new converts were  baptised into the Christian faith and it was the custom for them all to wear white. Hence White Sunday.


It is still celebrated in the Church.  Why?  Quite simply because it marks one of the most important events in the life of the Church and Christians.  You might say it is the birthday of the Christian Church .  The festival is now usually referred to as Pentecost which is a Jewish festival that occurs fifty days after Passover when Jesus rose from the dead.  It was at Pentecost when Jerusalem was crowded with pilgrims from  many countries that the small group of timid, bewildered and frightened group of Jesus' disciples were suddenly empowered to ‘come out’ and proclaim Jesus as Lord and Messiah.  Thousands believed that day and the Church was born.


How come?  The answer is that they were given the power to believe and be strong to proclaim Christ by the Holy Spirit.


.The Holy Spirit is still active today.  His is the 'still small voice’ that motivates the Christian’s conscience to follow the way of Christ and put it into action.  His is the voice that directs us all in the pathway of what is right and good.  His is a voice that is always worth listening to.       Peter Brewer


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